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About URL Encoder / Decoder

A step by step Guide to URL Encoder / Decoder 2023

In this article, we’ll go over what URL encoding and decoding are, how they work, & why they matter. URL encoder / decoder plays a critical role in communication between servers & browsers.The network of connecting systems, internet that are working behind the scenes, many processes are at work to ensure a smooth browsing experience. URL encoding and decoding is one of these process.

What is URL Encoding

URL encoding is known as the encoding percent, that is a method to encode special character in a URLs so, that they can be transmitted safely on the internet. The process works by convert all characters that're not allowed in a URL into a special code format. This can be recognized and decoded by servers & browsers . These special characters can include spaces, ampersands, and other special symbols that aren't suitable for use in a URLs.

For example, consider the URL “ result”. This URL contains a space, which is not allowed in a URL. To encode this URL, the space would be replaced with “%20”, resulting inThis encoded URL can now be “” safely transmitted over the internet and decoded when it reaches its destination.

What is URL Decoding

URL decoding is the process to convert encoded characters back to their original form. This is done by servers & browsers when they receive an encoded URL, getting them to display the URL in its intended format.

Why are URL Encoder / Decoder Important

The importance of URL encoding and decoding lies in their role in ensuring the reliability & security of internet communication. URL Without encoding, some characters in a URL could cause problems, when they are being transmitted, potentially leading to incorrect data or broken links. By using encoder to these characters, URL encoding ensures that URLs are transmitted accurately and safely, preserving the integrity of the information being transmitted.

In addition, URL encoding plays a crucial role in protecting against malicious attacks, such as XSS meaning cross-site scripting  or CSRF meaning cross-site request forgery . By encoding some characters in a URL, it can be much more difficult for attackers to inject malicious code into any URL, that can help you protect the security of both the website and also the user user.


In conclusion, URL encoder / decoder are critical processes in the world of the internet. These play important role to ensure the safe and accurate transmission of information between servers and browsers, while also helping you to protect against malicious attacks. Whether you are  web developer, a casual internet user, or anything in between, it’s important to understand  how URLs encoding and decoding play in the online world.


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